Frequently Asked Questions




Is your Warehouse secure?

TCB Transport are able to provide secure storage for all types of high value equipment in a gated storage facility with 24 hour security.

Do you have Pallet Racking?

TCB Transports warehouse is fitted with new pallet racking with over 2,000 pallet spaces available for your product

How long can I store my product/items?

Storage can be as little as one hour or for as long as you wish. TCB Transport is super flexible and are more than happy to work with your requirements

Do you provide locations of my product for easy access?

TCB Transport can provide a Stock Inventory/Data-Base if required. All pallets/items are barcoded, computerised and placed in their own dedicated area.

Is your Warehouse Clean?

TCB Transport take considerable lengths to maintain a clean safe environment in their warehouses due to the nature of the equipment stored. A site visit is highly recommended by TCB Transport



Are you insured?

Yes, TCB Transport has 20 million liability insurance, $150, per truck load and 2 million warehouse/content insurance.

Does your staff have Police Clearance?

Yes all TCB Transport staff are Police Cleared, Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff with an average of 16.5 Years’ service per staff member.

Can you relocate my Photocopier to anywhere in Australia?

Yes, not only can TCB Transport relocate your photocopier to anywhere in South Australia but in fact we can also relocate your photocopier to any location within Australia.

Can you relocate my Photocopier upstairs/downstairs?

Yes, TCB Transport has invested over $70,000 in Stair Climber equipment and have fully trained staff who operate this equipment.

When can you do my job for me?

TCB Transport can provide a quote within 30 minutes of your request and we can normally do your job the very next day (Mon – Fri) and in some cases if urgent the same day.


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