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TCB Transport focuses on warehousing services in South Australia. Our passionate and dedicated team aim to provide you with the most secure warehousing service in Adelaide. Our warehousing facility covers 1,050 square meters and is approved by the State Government and Council. We are located in Golden Grove, South Australia and have excellent security in place at our facility. This security includes alarms and methods that link any information to local Police and Fire departments, when necessary.


Our facility is able to store goods of all different shapes and sizes, including photocopiers, pokies, vending machines, office equipment and much more. Additionally, to allow for items such as our photocopiers to operate smoothly and be well maintained, we ensure that our warehouse facility is kept to an excellent standard in terms of cleanliness. Our warehouse meets the regulated standards and conducts monthly cleans to ensure the standard is maintained.


With the utilisation of an advanced computer system, barcodes and tags, we know where your stored items are at any given time. With this system, our stock control and reporting is more effective than ever. At TCB Transport we are able to store your items for as little as one hour or for as long as you require. Our extensive experience in the industry allows for us to provide you with specialised service.

TCB Transport has operated for the past fifteen years from their warehouse facility located in the Golden Grove Industry Park. In 2013 TCB Transport Pty Ltd increased their warehouse space by a further 430 square metres and has upgraded their existing warehouse & office facilities.

    The Services TCB Transport Offers:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff (Average of 16.5 years’ service per staff member)
  • Distribution
  • Special projects undertaken
  • Office relocation
  • Corporate and private delivery points
  • Tracking service of all vehicles – security of product and staff.
  • Specialised transport
  • Technical support – services for the photocopy Industry
  • Recycling of photocopiers and related accessories
  • Secure storage
  • Valet services

Our secure storage facility

Storage Services


We are able to provide secure storage for all types of high value equipment in a gated storage facility with 24 hour security. Whether you need short or long-term storage we can provide you with a competitive quote to meet your needs.

Photocopier installation

On arrival at the new location all machines are sited in the customer’s chosen position. Our crew will carry out a full installation and recommission, and a full demonstration of its functions to show that it is working. On completion we will remove and recycle all packing and packaging material.

Preparation and storage

We have a purpose built workshop and secure storage facilities for the preparation and storage of photocopiers and high value equipment. We offer a preparation service for new photocopiers where we will unpack machines, build and setup to specification for customers ready for delivery. In addition, we offer secure, short and long term storage facilities for used and new machines.

Photocopier Disposal

For companies looking to recycle or dispose of old photocopiers we are able to offer a cost effective disposal service.

Photocopier Services

We are a logistics and transport company specializing in photocopier services including collection, relocation and disposal. We offer a full range of photocopier handling services from relocation through to preparation, delivery and installation (PDI). Simply put, we specialize in difficult moves that most transport companies can’t handle!

Photocopier Collection and Relocation

One of the most common jobs that we undertake is the collection and relocation of photocopiers. We offer a full service that covers collection, relocation and installation.

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